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Description :

You're never too old for sweet romance

The heart doesn't care about age...

Former bull-rider Hart Hammond spent twenty years building a business empire while successfully avoiding love. He buried his heart the same day he made his last bull ride and has vowed to never make the mistake of loving a woman again. Then he meets the beautiful mother of the fun-loving Thompson tribe.

Years after her husband died, Denni Thompson can’t bear to think of giving her heart to anyone else. With three newly married sons, a grandchild on the way, and a busy life, Denni doesn’t entertain any notions of romance until she encounters the handsome new owner of Grass Valley’s gas station.

Can a broken-hearted widow and a heartless cowboy find love?

Read all the books in the series!

* The Cowboy's Christmas Plan - Trey Thompson just wanted a housekeeper and cook. He never planned on falling in love with Cadence Greer. She takes the job, right along with his heart.

* The Cowboy's Spring Romance - Trent Thompson is confident, laid-back, and easy going except when he's around Lindsay Pierce. He's definitely met his match in the lovely school teacher.

* The Cowboy's Summer Love - Travis Thompson has loved Tess Morgan as long as he can remember. When they both return home to Grass Valley, the pull of attraction to one another is so strong it's about to throw them off kilter.

* The Cowboy's Autumn Fall - Brice Morgan thinks love at first sight is for idiots, at least until he meets Bailey Bishop and falls head over heels for the serious, career-minded girl.

* The Cowboy's New Heart - Denni Thompson emphatically declares herself too old to love again. Then she meets hunky Hart Hammond and decides to give love a second chance.

* The Cowboy's Last Goodbye - Since he assumes the plague would be more pleasurable to experience than the state of wedding bliss, Ben Morgan is more determined than ever to remain single. Right up until Harper Hayes steals his heart.

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The Cowboy's New Heart (Grass Valley Cowboys Book 5)

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