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Description : In this next installment of this twisted tale of Ghetto Love, you will learn that Karma is in fact real. Pam loved her children, but in a way that only she knew of. To society, people would say I couldn't do those things to my kids because I love them too much. When you are pushed against the wall and all odds are against you, sometimes you do things not thinking rationally. People has expressed their hate for Pam because of how she was which was heartless, cruel, selfish, and plain ugly. Now the time has come for her to face the woman who's husband she has been running around with. This is the same man that has caused her to use her own children to make him happy. Pam is now in a situation where she has to look to the same children that she has pimped out to help save her life. How is it possible when this surprise visit was unexpected. Will Pam lose her life in front of her daughters for all the wrongs she has done in her life? Angel thought she had found a good guy that she has given herself to and trusted with her life. To find out that yet again someone else that she has loved has betrayed her and now is responsible for her mother and her siblings being in danger is hard for one to swallow. How will Angel deal with this new piece of information. Who was shot? Where are the parent's? Is Kari safe where she is or did her ex that she was trying so hard to get away from find her. You will find the answers to all of these questions in GHETTO LOVE 5. Stay Tuned!!!!!

Ghetto Love 5

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