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Oh, what a tangle web we weave being pretty little liars.

Tashia has been selfish and spoiled her entire short life on earth until Malik comes along and changes her entire outlook on life. He sets her on the path to adulthood and responsibility. Before him she was lacking in both.

Malik is a handsome, successful smooth talking player who wants what he wants. Once he gets it; he plays with it and throws it away. Be it you, your heart or your feelings. He could care less until he realizes he can't always have what he wants and he can't play the player.

Tashia and Malik change each other lives for the better but there are always outside forces threatening to tear love and peace apart; with jealousy, hate and envy. But, what about them deceiving each other first?

Everybody that smiles in your face is not your friend and those who pat you on the back could be the same ones stabbing you in the back. Malik and Tashia have their own dirty little secret and the ones who they thought were their friends use that secret to drive them apart; because any relationship based on lies is sure to fall.

Being deceitful gets you nowhere!

Will Malik and Tashia's so called friends tear them apart? Or will their own secret that they are hiding from each other ? Or will they care enough about each other to not let anything tear them apart?
You decide!

The Lies They Tell

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