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Follow The Journeys Of Four Young Seamstresses From Boston In Search Of Love And Adventure In Charity Phillips' Montana Valley Brides Series

Boston, 1887

Book 1: Mail Order Bride Eliza's Journey

Eliza Reed and her three friends work as seamstresses at a textile mill and long for more excitement in their lives, so they decide to write to men out West who are looking for brides. Eliza discovers a promising advertisement placed by a widowed sheriff in Missoula Mills named Phillip Bradford. He and his young daughter Celeste seek a kind soul who will bring warmth and love back into their lives once again. When she arrives, however, Philip is shy and almost cold towards her, and his young daughter Celeste seems to be no different.

Will Eliza be able to break through their frosty exteriors?

Book 2: Mail Order Bride Virginia's Journey

Virginia Campbell begins to yearn for love, marriage and dreams of one day, starting a family of her own. When she and her friends begin searching through the advertisements for mail order brides, she is immediately drawn to an ad placed by a handsome young rancher named Archie Monroe.

They correspond through letters, and, upon her arrival, Virginia quickly settles into life in Montana, taking a job at a nearby orphanage while Archie spends his time tending to the day to day duties that come with owning a vast ranch.

Before long, danger rears its head in the form a tribe of Indians who seem to want to destroy the ranch and everything Archie has worked all of his life to achieve. As tensions come to a crescendo, Virginia has a moment of clarity, realizing that perhaps the very key to restoring peace between the tribe and Archie lies with a young Indian orphan under her care.

Book 3: Mail Order Bride Margaret's Journey

Margaret Sinclair is a fiery, free-spirited woman who longs to break away from Boston life to marry a handsome man in the West. Margaret is drawn to an ad placed by the town doctor in Missoula Mills, and when Margaret comes to Dr. Stephen Wyatt, it is as if both of their dreams have come true.

She begins to train as a nurse at the nearby orphanage and loves what she does, but one day disaster strikes. Many of the children become deathly ill, and it is not long before Margaret falls ill as well.

Will the good doctor be able to heal his benevolent bride before it is too late?

Book 4: Mail Order Bride Dorothy's Journey

Dorothy comes upon an ad placed by a young general store owner named Clint Edwards, a widower with twin, ten-year-old sons. Always one for a challenge, Dorothy is thrilled to start exchanging letters with Clint, and to her delight, he soon invites her out West to become his bride.

It becomes clear fairly quickly that although Clint is quite smitten with young Dorothy, his twin boys, Hank and Sam, do not like the idea of a new woman coming along to take the place of their mother. Dorothy begins to feel at odds with the family, then things begin to mysteriously go missing in the general store and all eyes are on Dorothy as the culprit.

Can she prove her worth to Clint and his sons?


Book 5: A Christmas Mail Order Bride For Samson

With Christmas coming soon, Samson Delaney, a handsome, hard-working lumber mill owner in Missoula Mills, Montana, decides to mark the occasion by proposing to Tabitha, with the intent to marry her on Christmas morning. Tabitha, on the other hand, begins to start having second thoughts about marrying a man she has only just met.

Will Samson have a bride for the holidays, or will he be left brokenhearted underneath the mistletoe?

Montana Valley Brides: A Historical Mail Order Bride Series

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