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Description : China comes from out of hiding, praying that there isn’t anyone around. Feeling alone and scared she is left to find a way out of her house and to safety before the police arrive. After having a procedure done earlier in the day, China is filled with pain and confusion. With not much money in her pockets and no place to go, she is left to fend for herself. China winds up at the doorstep of someone from her past. She didn’t have much of a choice being she couldn’t contact her family. When China learns the shocking truth about her father, she rebels against her parents and decides to make it on her own.
Ryder is stuck in between a rock in a hard place. She finds love in a man that she was crushing on for years. She is a ride or die chick to the heart until being with him; she is forced to do the unthinkable. Ryder had always been tough in her rights but not to the point where she would partake in killing someone dear to her.
Q is in a frenzy wondering how she winds up in a hospital bed. She tries to remember details from the day’s events but comes up blank. The only thing she can remember is the dudes running in the house with guns drawn. The one thing she does remember is that China is the only one to blame behind her being hospitalized and she vowed that when she was released, her cousin was going to pay.

Silent Cries 2

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