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Description : Picture Perfect???

Attorney Paige Mitchell has always imagined a picture perfect life with Xavier Hudson. She has been in love with him since law school, and for her, there can be no other. After telling Xavier of her desire for a family with him, and seeing his reaction, she leaves his sister’s party, drunk and miserable. Waking up with a dead man in her bed, and no memory of what happened, she calls the one person she trusts above all… Xavier.

Though shocked about Paige’s admission, Xavier is left speechless when Paige calls him. Not only had she told him that he will be her baby’s father, but now she has a dead man in her bed? What is the woman playing at?

As Xavier scrambles to find the truth and clear Paige’s name, old feelings resurface. Seeing a glimpse of the woman he fell for years ago, sparks new emotions. As they try to build on feelings that have been hidden for years, their uncertain future, is further tested when her cold-hearted mother arrives. The woman is everything that Paige had changed into, which is everything Xavier has despised for the last nine years.

As the masks begin to crack, and hidden truths are uncovered, can Paige and Xavier reach their happy ending? Will the killer be found, or is Paige actually guilty? Will her mother cost them the picture perfect life, they have both imagined?

Follow Paige and Xavier as all secrets are revealed in… Masks of Love (Hudsons Atlanta, book 2)

Masks of Love (Hudsons Atlanta Book 2)

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