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Description : Currently on a journey to begin a new phase in her life Jordyn Davis felt the need to get away in order to clear her head. Leaving behind her family, her friends and a whole lot of drama she heads to the snowy Gatlinburg. All she wants is a little time alone, some peace and quiet from the stampede of chaos in her life lately.

Christopher Jones has so much going on and knows he needs a break from the craziness. He needs to get away from work, from family and most importantly the problems that have plagued him the last few months. At the suggestion of his sister he packs up, grabs his dog and heads for a retreat in the mountains.

An exuberant puppy, a near accident and sparks fly between the two. What starts out as a getaway from their everyday lives and the problems in them turn in to a steamy snow-melting tryst that will leave neither of them the same.

Will Christopher be able to get over a betrayal so hurtful that inspires him to never trust again? Can Jordyn put aside the pain and resentment she feels long enough to allow another man to get close enough to escape and forget it all? Will a puppy change the course of this trip for the both of them?

Join Christopher and Jordyn as the tiny spark of attraction starts slow burning embers igniting them into a passion so fiery it threatens to engulf them in flames of desire.

Winter Thaw

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