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Description : In this next installment of Ghetto Love, Sarah reveals her true identity and what role she really played in all of their lives, but what was the real reason for her coming after Pam? Ronnie has been kidnapped, but who was behind it? Pam is in jail trying to find a way back home to her girls, but finds out soon enough that the only people that could help her is the ones that she turned her back on. Divine is caught up in a difficult situation that puts her sexual preference to a test. She loves money, but does she love it enough to do the things that’s required for her to do. Melody is out to teach her daughter a lesson for her turning her back on her kids and choosing men over them. Her husband Melvin is against what she is trying to do, but will he be able to stop his wife. Kari is a battered young woman that needs love, but doesn’t have it in her to love the ones that her sister Angel wants her to. Is she willing to forgive all those that have wronged her or will she be able to leave it in the past and move forward? Angel finds herself trying to be strong for her sisters but has no one to be strong for her. When she feels that her back is against the wall and that she can no longer handle all the people that she calls family turning their back on her, who will she turn to. Find out all the answers to these questions when you go into the minds of these angry young ladies. See what murders, lies, deceit and betrayal lies ahead for these ladies while reading Ghetto Love 4.

Ghetto Love 4

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