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Description : JoJo is a man of many talents and ideas that will could lead to him being an upstanding citizen in society. The fact of the matter is, he is a functional addict driven solely by his addiction and daughter, who idolizes the ground he walks on. After a long drug binge, the loss of his nine to five starts a chain of events that begin with a string of petty thefts which quickly escalate to robberies that leave any and everybody as a target including his daughter's mother.
Vita, JoJo’s lively voluptuous babies mother, is the glue that holds his small family together but after stealing every penny from her, she cuts JoJo off at the knees. Now homeless and jobless, JoJo is on a survival mission with no regard for other's possessions or human life.
After one heart-pounding scam after the other to provide his basic needs, JoJo stumbles upon friends who will help him out in ways his baby's mother refused.

He has a right hand man that does not hesitate to commit crimes all in the name of the come up and a young female who is green enough to believe she can change JoJo into a good man; not only for her but for his daughter as well.

Author Keith T. Hodge takes you on a realistic experience of facing an addiction, survival, and being the best person you can be to those who love you regardless of your shortcomings, in this full length standalone novel. Will JoJo be able to make a clean EXIT STRATEGY or will the fast streets of Houston, Texas swallow him whole?


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