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Description : Dear Mrs. Pettigrew,

My name is Major Comfort and I am writing to you to clear up a matter of great importance. It seems a grave mistake has been made. A woman by the name of Lucretia Lynch arrived in town claiming to be my mail-order bride. The trouble is, I didn’t send for one!

My guess is my father is behind this. His name is Buford Comfort, and for some insane reason he thinks I should marry. Yesterday! Unfortunately, so does my so-called mail-order bride. She is determined to get me to the altar and to make matters worse, her father traveled with her, which only complicates the situation.

I’m not a drinking man, Mrs. Pettigrew, but I’m strongly considering taking it up! I implore you to write me post haste so we can get this straightened out as soon as possible!

Major Quincy Comfort

Honoria Cooke always knew she wasn’t as refined a young lady as she ought to be. She loved the feel of the wind in her hair as she raced her horse across the prairie. She could climb a tree as well as any of her brothers or cousins, out run them too. But when Major Quincy Comfort caught her eye, she wondered if she was the sort of woman to ever catch his. Just when she began to think so and let her heart fly, the unthinkable happened …

Lucretia Lynch was beautiful, sophisticated, well-dressed and from the glorious South. What was not to like as far as a southern gentlemen such as Major Comfort and his brothers were concerned? Moreover, she showed up in Clear Creek as Major’s mail-order bride! He claimed it was a mistake, a whim of his father. But as the days wore on, Honoria noticed him taking more and more interest in Miss Lynch which could only lead to the inevitable. What had she been thinking? How could she possible compete with the likes of a true Southern Belle? She couldn’t.

Enjoy this sweet, clean historical western romance set in the whimsical town of Clear Creek. Where anything can happen, and usually does!

Mail-Order Bride Ink: Dear Mr. Comfort

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