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Description : In a wave of violence that will reshape the landscape of The Holland Family Saga for all times, many will be forced to eat that metaphorical bowl of Cold Chili as revenge, is a dish best served cold.

Siloam Bovina has a thorn in her shoe that needs removing. With the arrival of Dimples' sister, Bianca Jacobs, to Ponca City, her secret affair with Dimples' husband, Takoda, is in jeopardy of being unveiled. It will only be a matter of time before things come to a head and the resolution Siloam deems justifiable is just as good as any.

Tonto Jamison knows his head is wanted on a platter for shooting Spoonie. In a scheme to save his own life, he turns state evidence on his accomplice, Chauncey Gainey, and cops to a lesser sentence. Tonto will have his day in court, but the outcome will be far from what he was expecting.

Having averted an all out war between his family and the Germans, Ben Holland now sits at the head of the family's revamped cocaine operation and is making preparations to secure the family's first major shipment. While on a trip to Grand Cayman Island, he learns of Rafael Gacha's 'new arrangement' with another cartel. The information Ben recieves will set the wheels in motion on a cunning game of oneupsmanship where the line between the truth and a lie become so blurred it's nearly impossible to tell who's real and who's fake.

Dawk Holland, meanwhile, in fulfilling a promise made by his grandfather to the Italians in Cicero, Illinois, restrenghtens the Saint Louis faction by putting Natalia III on the payroll. The Italians have a treacherous history inside the organization, however, and based on what Ben learned concerning Rafael Gacha, and Natalia III’s close alliance with the Germans, Dawk is left wondering whether he made a mistake allowing the Italians back into the fold.

After purposely blowing a trial in Denver, Colorado, Lisa Vanguard and Tammy Moto head back to the east coast to try and uncover who it is exactly that's trying to gain a foothold on their heroin market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Unbeknownst to the federal agents, one of them has been targeted for death, and that blown trial in Colorado just may be the very thing that leads to their undoing as Laddy Norcross has just broken ties. The clock is ticking, and Lisa knows it. Will she meet her demise? If so, how?

Follow the Holland Family and their friends on this splendid journey of adventure and drama. See what the some in family are up to now. A host of characters and subplots enhances the latest edition to this epic saga that's sure to keep you in suspense until the very last page.

The Holland Family Saga Part Ten: Cold Chili

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