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Description : Shards of the Past is a 2017 Indie Next Generation Book Award Finalist in Multicultural and African American Categories.

Chloe Martin left home in a cloud of betrayal and shame. Betrayed by her first love and ashamed of her lineage. A lineage that included an unknown father and a mother who abandoned her when she was six. Ready to confront her demons and free her tortured soul from her fears, she returns home. A home she ran from a decade ago, and she has never stopped running since.

Confronting her past is her only hope of freeing her heart to love without fear. Arriving home to find that her father has died and left her a chunk of his profitable company.

There’s a catch.

She has to work with Darren McPherson, her father’s right hand man. A man who makes no secret that she is not welcome.

Determined not to repeat her past mistakes, she is ready for the challenge. But are they ready for the undeniable attraction and desire they both try to resist?

Will she stay and fulfill her father’s last wishes or will she let the shards of the past run her away once again?

Shards of the Past

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